Spider Solitaire (Four Suits) – Card Game Spider Solitaire

About half the Four Suit Spider solitaire games are winnable. The key to winning Spider games is to be able to create spaces in the tableau. Spaces allow the player to get cards of the same suit together and to untangle the layout. Build on columns where it is unlikely that a facedown card could be uncovered.
Below you will find several simple rules that can increase your chances of winning Spider Solitaire (4 Suits).
  1. Build sequences of cards by following suit.
  2. Try to expose hidden cards whenever possible.
  3. Try to make empty piles as early as possible.
  4. Build on higher cards first

Is it possible to win a Spider 4 suit?

The odds of doing so is 4.72%. This means, that the greatest possible winning rate of playing four-suit spider solitaire is 4.72%, and that is if you play perfectly from then on.

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